23 Things Week 2 Thing 3

So here we are on Week 2 of the 23 Things programme and my first task is to create a blog. Well as I mentioned a few posts back, I already have one so that’s that covered!

I have been asked to write a little bit about my Web 2.0 experience and what I want to get from doing the 23 Things course which I can do!

I’ve always been fortunate enough to be fairly savvy as far as the web goes. I am from the lucky generation that grew up as the Internet was being used on a wider scale. I remember my first website that I built using Geocities and my first  e-mail account at 12 years old! I’ve seen the Internet go from simple unedited pages to sophisticated websites with widgets, feeds and many other things.

I feel that I managed to keep up-to-date with emerging tech when I was younger and still in school, but now when I hear about RSS feeds and the like, my first thought is “Well I sort of know what that is but I could know more!” Its for that reason that I am keen to do the 23 Things course.

While I might be knowledgable in areas such as blogging, I had never used iGoogle before (Week 1’s task) and looking down the list of the twenty-three things planned I can certainly spot many that I could do with a bit more practise in. For example, I’ve never even heard of things like “Zotero” or “Mendeley” but I have used things like LinkedIn to find other people but I wouldn’t be able to tell you how the site worked in itself!

So, I hope that I will finish the 23 Things course with a wider knowledge of Web 2.0 tools, how such tools can be relevant to the library-based world and possibly even how they can be simply relevant to me as an individual!

Right! On to Thing 4!


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